Was playing around with this shot....


Photographer for hire!
Nov 26, 2005
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Buffalo, NY
LMK what you think...yes its me! LOL :er:

Wow - I really like this a lot Shelley... You are a beautiful woman and this is so sensual/sexual... I especially like the high-key look and yet we can see a glimpse of your necklace and water drops on your shoulder. The one little star coming from that one drop near your chin is a nice touch too. I'd like a
16x20 print but my wife'd probably beat me severely...
LOL Im sure you can achieve this same shot with your wife... a little kiss here a honey there...she will melt like butter! LOL

This took me quite a while in PS! I tried different methods...adding grain and such..and of course I HAD to use a PS brush and add the little stars! If you look close you can see 2 on my hoop earring and 2 more on my shoulder..one is barely noticable though
Mmmm, naw - I'd rather have this print...LOL This reminds me a lot of a Rene Gruau print I have framed and hanging in my living room. Are you familiar with him?
gorgeous! both photograph and model
It's gorgeous, and you are too. :) I'm not crazy about the star flairs though on the arms. Otherwise a wickedly good photo.
I absolutely love this shot, well done ! And the size is perfect. Great pose also Shelley.
Very nice portrait and I think the little stars add to it. I'm curious as to how your are taking these self portraits, are you using a timer or are you just having someone push the shutter button after you set it up? --lenny

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