Washougal river retired dam

Greens are extremely overdone. Try reducing them, as well as cooling the temperature a bit.
If I wanted to make the structure pop a bit more what should be done?
Dodge and Burn...mainly dodge in this case. Also, if you are using Photomatix (not exactly sure the setting for other HDR programs), but using the saturation highlights/shadows slider may improve the photo even more.

It's also my opinion that black and white would do this picture a lot of justice. Here is a version I adjusted for so. I used the Image->Adjustments->Black&White function to convert the photo, cropped it slightly to put the shack in a more appealing location, adjusted the curves, and then used a soft light layer to bring out the shack. Even without the Black and White conversion, the image looked stronger with some dogding and burning, and some curve adjustments.

Ok cool I like that b&w and the crop on it.... Light guru they are bracketed do you want the 3 separate shots?

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