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Jul 14, 2005
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Almost stepped on this guy the other day :pale: About 3.5 feet long. Not poisonous. I think it's a California Gopher snake? He didn't like me taking his picture...made him mad! And yes, I was close for these shots!



Wow. Nice stuff Woody. Great lookin snake.
I would have been outa there so fast, all you would have seen were my shoes.
Nice shots... what a beauty. Is that a diamond-shaped head? :stun: That last shot is killer! Well done!
Oh man, way to go with those shots! I'd have had such a bad case of camera shake, there'd be nothing usable. That third shot, where you got his forked tongue, rocks.
Thanks :D

Raymond J Barlow said:
how friendly is that snake?
Could I pick him up? Sure
Would he bite me? Yep :lol:

They aren't extremely aggresive normally. But they don't like to be handled or cornered. I remember a few years back, hearing about gopher snakes and rattle snakes successfully breeding? They carried the venom of the rattler, but no rattle. I don't know if that's valid or not, but I wasn't gonna take my chances. This guy hissed while 'rattling' his tail. So it made a similar sound whith the same movement. I think he was trying to imitate a rattler to scare me. Yep, pretty much worked :mrgreen:
wow great find buddy, like the way he's coiled in the 3rd.... just about ready to strike... ooch! :thumbup:
Nice sssssssssssssssssshotsssssssssssssssssssss, there, Woodssssssssssssac ...

(get it .. .sssss .... snake sounds ...sssss ... :er: ahem ... )

All you'd have seen of me would have been elbows and ... well you know the rest ... ! We have Water Moccasins and Copperheads mostly ... YUCK!

Stay away from those, Woods .... we need you here!!!
Woodsac your a brave man.
That close and you stood there taking pics....AHHHHHHHHH!

I would have freaked even with a huge zoom lens....YIPES!!!!

Nice BRAVE shots.

Now to go to another post and put my feet back on the floor. lol
hmmm I'm sure it was harmless. and most people are afraid of snakes ME included)..and since I was struck by a copperhead snake and laid up for the summer, snakes are off my photo list.
You did a nice job capturing this snake in it's natural habitat.

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