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Aug 15, 2004
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Windsor, Colorado
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Is the one area of white water in the center TOO hot? I know it's supposed to have a brightening effect....but is this unacceptable? If so, is there any way to help darken it (for this shot)? Any reason why it's only in the center part? More turbulence? Metering problem? Thanks ahead of time.

Pentax *istDL w/18-55 DA kit lens
Focal length: 18.0mm (35mm equivalent: 27mm)
Exposure time: 1.500 s
Aperture: f/22.0
ISO equiv.: 200

i dont have a problem with it. But if you do, maybe you can work with the levels in PS (if you got that) levels really can make a difference in a picture.
But i dont think its really distracting though, great pic :)
i dont think its too bad, maybe bring it down a little. you could probably do it in ps
i don't think it's too bright at all. besides, it's supposed to be the focus of the picture. i like the shot very much! it reminds me of one of those pictures you can buy at some art stores that has the moving things behind it to make it look as if there's motion... (if that made any sense)
did you use any filter to get this result? or was it just open aperature.?

if just aperature then thats why I think... If its too light out youll have to use a polarizer and or a ND maybye even at the same time to properly stop it and maintain the exposure that you want...

Also I noticed you were on iso200 try iso 100 with a longer exposure. that might fix it...

If you cant re shoot and are stuck fixing it, theres little you can do in PS to fix a hotspot like this... Its better to go with it....
Neutral density filter was used. ISO 200 is lowest for this camera and proportional with 100 on most cameras. It was in a shaded canyon, but fairly late in the day....so not that dark. My curiousity about it was mainly because of it just being overexposed in the one area. The rest is about right....so time of day does not seem to be a factor???
Water veiling is a difficult capture, exposure wise. Your photo looks a bit hot center frame, but otherwise is very nicely done. If you have the opportunity to re-shoot this image in similar lighting, I would perhaps try using a darker ND or slightly faster shutter.

If in doubt, bracket bracket bracket!:wink:
it's too bad, because just that one little spot it too blown out... happens all the time... i agree with depth on the bracketing... i've just been getting into that... i have also heard on here to intentionally underexpose on shots like this because it is easier to fix in PS than overexposure where the detail is lost... in doing this I often find that my "underexposed" images are often closest to what I had in mind anyway.

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