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Jul 27, 2009
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What do you think?

My first try at it today

the lights in the background is the sun reflecting off the cars in the parking lot. I tried to use LR to tone them down but would not work =~
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:thumbup:thats so cool (Ive never seen Pics like this)I so enjoy so many of the work that everyone post things I never knew you could do with a lense and a camera
here is another one... I already know the horizon is off, I will fix it latter lol.

any CC on the 2nd photo? other than being off with the horizon
i dunno if i like the second one, looks like there is a lot of noise in the background, idk if that was on purpose though..
I would recommend that you try to find a transparent bowl. something wide. you can infuence color with any kind of wrapping paper, glossy paper or what not.
you will need a tripod and adequate lighting. i always shoot drops with flash.
zoom in so that you dont see the edges of the bowl.
not easy to catch a sharp image. try a few settings and post some.

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