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Jan 28, 2009
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Bolton, Uk
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Just a few from one of our treatment plants...





Pretty cool photos, I like the 2nd one gets u wondering of what it acutally is or doing. I think it was a good idea to made #4 B&w. How were you able to get inside to take the photos.
Cheers, i maintain the instrumentation side of things there and several other plants too.

Number 2 is one of the inlets from the reservoir, that is untreated water.
Number 3 are the various filter tanks
Number 4 is the DAF (Dissolved-air flotation) system
Number 5 is the inlet to the 2nd stage filters before its fit to drink

Sorry, never crossed my mind to explain what they were, i see them most days.
These tell me clearly, very clearly, that a computer which not only transports visual and audio information, but also olfactory info, is NOT desireable! I am sooo glad we need not SMELL these photos!!!

I like the simple composition of the first!
And the fourth sooo says "BAD SMELL" to me ... :pale:
To be honest, the place doesnt smell much of anything, other than any normal
engineering type works. It's drinking water so if it did start to smell badly, there's
a major problem somewhere.

Thanks for the comments
I thought that same thing, lol. I was wondering how water would give off too much of a scent.
I really like the 3rd one. The color at the far end of the picture in contrast to all the gray and dull everywhere else is very nice. The big pipe in the ceiling throws the symetry off, but that clearly isn't your fault :)

It's a picture with a lot of (editing) potential.

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