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Aug 15, 2006
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Thats a great shot, nice composition and the blur of the water is really pleasing to the eye.
Wonderful shot! Love the feeling of movement of the water, and all the overlapping 'curves' of spray.
To be honest this doesn't do much for me. I like waterfalls in a bigger setting, if you cut it out you lose your point of interest. That's what is lacking in this picture according to me: there's not really anything to focus on.
Just my thoughts.
Almost abstract. I like it.

I really like the simplicity of the shot. It's well-composed, well-exposed, I like it. Nice shot. I could see it on like, a wall in someone's office or something. Relaxing capture.
i like it, nice shot. but it needs a border
Thank you for your comments.

In postprocessing I tried to bring out a bit of a pencil-drawn look.
you have just inspired me to do convert some of my waterfall pics to B&W!
you have just inspired me to do convert some of my waterfall pics to B&W!

Thank you, that's quite a compliment!

I think I'm going to use the shot to illustrate the following;

I like that name the Indians give to the mountain of Lone Pine, and find it pertinent to my subject, — Oppapago, The Weeper. It sits eastward and solitary from the lordliest ranks of the Sierras, and above a range of little, old, blunt hills, and has a bowed, grave aspect as of some woman you might have known, looking out across the grassy barrows of her dead. From twin gray lakes under its noble brow stream down incessant white and tumbling waters. "Mahala all time cry," said Winnenap', drawing furrows in his rugged, wrinkled cheeks.
~ Land of Little Rain - Water Borders, Mary Austin

Hope it fits.

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