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Aug 19, 2007
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taken today on a windy beach.

hope you like???
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either you are stunned by its excellence or afraid to say how bad it is ha ha
hello anybody there
Sorry, it looks a little snapshottish to me. I'm not really sure what the focus is: the waves or the brown thing. The waves are the more interesting, but the brown things seems more of the focus. That being said, there are nice colors in this.

I think it would be better with a different angle and either without or closer to the brown things.
It's a little bland. No focal point. What's it a picture of? The wave isn't that big and no one knows what that brown thing is. Are they dock pilings? May have been better if the shot was lengthwise with the pilings in a row (if that's what they are).
Try cropping it down (in portrait)so that the piling (?) is in the lower left, and the splashing of the wave is in much more detail. Don't include the second brown thing. Only go over about 2/3 of the way to the other brown thing with the crop. (I'm at work, or I'd try to show you what I mean).

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