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Dec 22, 2007
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Ok. I'm just going to vent... and see what other have to say...

I am sick and tired of people expecting me to do something for free for them. I know I am an artist, but I also have bills..

More and more, friends "assume" since they know me, I will "hook" them up and do something for free. Thats like me going to a car dealer because I know him and ask for a free car!

I know some people have an artistic eye, and other don't. So they assume it's easy for me to do something real quick for them. it's plan and simple...


Why should I feel obligating to do engagment pictures for free!

Or why should I have taken the time to do "christmas" photos of a family in front of a tree... and have them assume I was being nice and not charge.

It's not fair for people to put that on someone who is artistic because they aren't. I dont walk into where they work and ask for free stuff.

More and more, now that we are getting into a digital society, people assume that can take advantage of an artist, because they assume it is easy for us.. which is does come easier for.. but why do they assume I won't charge!

Has this happend to anybody?
happens often... with photographers, musicians ... whatever.

It is not the artist in you though which demands the money, it is the professional in you ;)
Very true. It just gets frustrating.. which Im sure you can relate too.

The only thing that gets me, is do they come to us because they think we are good, or do they come to us because they think they can get a deal.
The only thing that gets me, is do they come to us because they think we are good, or do they come to us because they think they can get a deal.

I am not working as a pro, but still i can relate.

And I think for most of them it is that they think they can get a deal, I am afraid (of course they assume the job will be done well enough).

For some it might also be that they think it nicer if there is no strange intruder, but someone they know.
you have a way with words :)

I think I'm letting frustration, greed and people walk all over me..
and of course you are a pro.. more than me
well, I cannot judge how much of a pro you are ;)

In any case, it is not worth getting upset about people, if you feel exploited, then try to reduce your effort a bit.

Or just shoot horrible images if not paid, that might reduce further requests ;)
I'm kind of in the same boat. Only it's mostly with fixing computers, giving computer advice, tech support...

Everyone knows that I know it...so they assume I'm always ready to help them out. Well, wakey wakey. IT'S FRUSTRATING, and IS WORK!

I see it more in photography as well...but it's not as bad as computers.

It's like "oh, can you email me a copy of those?"

I'm kind of in the same boat. Only it's mostly with fixing computers, giving computer advice, tech support...

Sideburns.... I know what you feel exactly. I have been in the information tech field for 11 years now. At first I was happy to help people out. Fix a PC here, build a PC there, web site here, setup a Cable/DSL connection there.

A few years ago I just had to stop and say no. Especially people who I haven't seen in a while who start conversations like "I got this computer..." What about asking me first about the wife and kids, then get get into what you really want....

When people ask me about a computer now the first thing that pops into my mind now is "I don't care" or "So..."

The problem is now I see it starting with photography.
Have you ever explained this to them?
Many people have no idea how much time, effort and money it can take to make a great photograph.

But explain and they usually understand.
If someone begins talking about having images taken by you, just politely nod say thanks for the interest and tell them you will get your price list to them promptly. (Not in a snarky way of course, just pretending to be innocently unaware of what they are indicating ;))

Some people just need to be educated (once again, not snarky) regarding how much work is invested. It isn't just the 1-2 hour shoot, you will go home (gas), upload (wear on your computer), editing (time, usually double the shooting), gear investment ($$$ as we all know).

If you are close friends, say you are more then willing to offer them exclusively a 25% discount (make them feel special)

Honestly, I believe most people are simply unaware as opposed to be blatantly ignorant.
I would think that anyone who is serious about getting someone to take pictures for them would be willing to be pay, even if just to ensure that they get their pictures.
If it is a real friend, I have no problem. A real friend would never abuse your friendship. Keep in mind that I have only a few really really loyal friends that I would trust my life with, and I prefer to keep it that way. Everyone else is acquaintances or business acquaintances and they get nothing for free.

It really only becomes a problem when you are a social butterfly and 10,000 so called "friends", and the vast lot of them just want to use you for their gain.

I am more of a musician that a photographer, and I was thrilled and honored when my friend of more than 15 years asked me to play his wedding next summer (even though from time to time I do paying gigs). Its all in how you look at it I guess. If I had someone I barely knew calling me up wanting something every time I turn around, I'd put an end to that real quick, but I tend tend to treat insincere people like assh*les anyway, so they probably would never call again lol

I wouldnt think of charging a best mate money for something like that, consider it a gift for all the times you've had my back
I get that "would you just email me a copy" stuff all the time. I politely (though it's getting harder to be polite) say; "No, but I'll send you a print. What size do you want... they start at $15.00 for the 4x6?" They just assume that I'll send an email (fully edited, high rez print).

My other pet peeve is, "Can you take some pictures with my camera?" This happened to me recently at a concert I was shooting. I had 2 cameras around my neck and one of the women in the concert (it was a choral and orchestral thing) wanted me to use her point and shoot. I politely said no, because I had enough to worry about already getting my shots, and she looked at me like I just admitted to killing her mother. "Take your own photos with your own camera!" Or... "I'll send you a print. What size do you want..."
I'm a graphic designer, so it's happened to me more times than I can count.. but as Hawkeye said, if it's a 'true' friend, it's not that big a deal to me. I don't mind doing a favor for someone I consider a true friend. It's when the people that I haven't seen or spoken to for a couple years come out of the woodwork that I get annoyed.

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