We flew all the way to Texas for this?

The Barbarian

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Dec 14, 2005
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On the bright side you witnessed and got pictures of something pretty rare. You should've went tubing on the Guadalupe, the water is always cold anyway. :wink:
You're lucky you're allowed to travel. I'd be happy with that.
Actually, I live in Texas. I was imagining what one Canada goose was saying to the other.
In photography timing is everything and luck is usually involved in timing. Sorry for the bad luck, but you captured a once in about 30 year event.

Here in the Houston area, the temp got in the single digits and low teens at night and barely broke freezing during the day for about a week. Our power went out for a day, many others for 3 and 4 days. A lot of burst pipes, as these houses are not built for severe cold, which took out walls and ceilings. I hope I don't see a week like this for another 30 years.

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