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Dec 24, 2005
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Old shot, re-discovered

Just dug this out of the dust. something I spied while walking..


those "Stars" look like reflections off of a UV filter and bounced back inside to the sensor. ie they are green reflections of the lights on the building.
I like the contrast of the yellow-lit building with the blue sky. You could probably emphasize that contrast with a bit of levels or curves work, to make the colors pop a little more.

I also agree about the "stars", although I've never seen that problem with a UV filter before -- perhaps it wasn't coated.
I just realized what this is, it was from a fair I walked through like 2 years ago
My wife said there was a tent like canvas over the whole side of it to block the sun, there must have been hanging lights on the inside of the tent....
I honestly forgot they were not real, hows that for a crappy memory... LOL

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