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Jun 13, 2003
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I do almost 100% people pictures. I notice there are sites on the web that have models looking for assignments. Have any of you out there used these sites ? Like OneModelPlace ? How did it work out ?
I'm in the same boat. I love taking b/w glamour photos but don't really want to pay professional models for practice. There's the old "I get to take pictures of you, you get copies for your portfolio"...but I always feel like a pervert.

I'd also like to see if anyone has ideas.
The best success I've had is a newpaper ad, however also expensive. I have approached women at stores or shops, but that has NEVER been a good thing. One my associates has his WIFE talk to them first, and that seems to work alright. For me, sometimes it's -like- I'm picturing a model sitting modestly on the front porch of one of the beautiful victorian homes in this town...and all she can think of from the start is..do I have to take my clothes off ??
Mail order brides eh?
Just think, ask them to send a photo and you wouldn't need to do any of the work!
My roommate, who is a dancer, asked me to take some for her. Now I am asking to get some of the other dancers to do a shot with me I learned a lot on the first one. Another thought I had was to hand out business cards, but I think I would feel like a perv going up to strangers doing that!! How did the newspaper ad work out?
we put an ad in the paper and got a ton of responces (we had to sift through them)... were only offering them free 8x10's ... my hubby and i are shooting a guy tuesday ... he said, "i'll do whatever u want me to do and wear whatever u want me to wear." :shock: .. so of course we have something strange in mind :lol:
With a little luck and some planning you might be able to get some entries for the next Photo Challenge!
Hey Dew? if there appropriate, please post them AsAp!! this sounds oddly interesting...


let me know how they go and how your models work out. Also are you using a model release form?
yes im using a model release form for all "human" subjects :wink:

but u know the strange thing? ... people always seem to love having their picture taken ... this guy said to me, "is this for an exhibit or show?" .. i said, "im an amateur photographer, its for my portfolio." ... he said, "oh, how cool!" *but then again, this is a town of a lot of actors, so their always looking for publicity shots :D

i had an up and coming unsigned female rapper looking to work with me ... she wasnt strange looking enough :lol: ...
Dew said:
i had an up and coming unsigned female rapper looking to work with me ... she wasnt strange looking enough :lol: ...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


she didnt have a boob hangin out anywhere did she?

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