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Jan 28, 2006
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I'm just setting up a freebie website with www.freewebs.com and they give me 40MB of space to store me photo's. What is the best size to reduce my pictures to so they still look sharp? because I can't get many on there before it runs out of space.

Or is there somewhere else I can get more space?
Many of us host photos on Photobucket.com and then link/display the photos from there. I don't recall the storage limit but it will hold plenty of photos.

When uploading photos for web viewing, there are two factors you should consider. One is actual image size, in pixels. Typically, you only need 600 to 800 pixels on the long side, which will give a decent size image on most people's monitors. The next factor is image compression. When you save an image as a JPEG, you can usually select the quality or compression level. The more you compress it, the smaller the file size it. I find that you can compress a file quite a bit before it starts to look bad.

If you re-size the image and then compress it, you should be able to get the image well under 100kb.

Don't forget to save the file as a 'for web' copy of you image, and keep the original file at the original size.
I've moved this to where you'll probably get some more answers, since it's not really off topic. :)
You could shrink them down but personally I would look elsewhere for more space, even if it involves paying a few ÂŁ's or $'s a month it will be worth it save reducing the pictures to much.
Thanks everyone, I shrunk some and they don't seem too bad. I'll give it a go before I go spending any money.
I'll create two seperate sites if I have to. :thumbup:
for my gallery, i upload a medium sized jpg (~200-250KB), then the gallery software dynamically resizes it down to something smaller depending on the client's screen size.

webhosting is pretty cheap these days (<$10US/month)...

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