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Apr 11, 2013
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South East
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I've been asked to be the Artist of the Month (solo gallery) in a high profile local nature venue for September. It would be my 1st. 20% of sales goes to the venue, which I'm fine with. I'm hanging 15-20 nature/urban photos in different sized prints in frames. The hooks are already every few feet apart so hanging should be easy. Probably different frames according to the size or photo in basically a long hallway. Average size probably 16x20 or less.

Any advise on doing this?


I've been wanting to make my photography website for a while now, so I would like some direction. Not ready for e-commerce yet (unless it takes off) so that could be an option at some point. Something easy but I want it to be quality & don't mind spending some money on it.

Photography has been my hobby for several years and I'm not trying to make a living out of it (but that would be great if I could.)


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