Wedding Portrait - Bride


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Jul 26, 2009
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Wedding portrait
just a few minutes before the wedding ceremony
It's a beautiful photo.. subject and background
I also like the light here, was it natural from e.g. window?
didn't they mind with the pose/legs shown that much?

Anyway, the only thing I'd like different in this photo, is the bride to have her face turned slightly more towards you (eyes on the same direction)
She appears content and confident - despite the impending lifetime commitment. Lovely capture, I dig it.
Too bad the high tech speaker from this era is on the BG. Everything else including the bride looks from the 70.

Some creative cloning of the bg might get rid of it. And by that I mean someone much better at cloning that myself. lol
I like the concept of this photo. One question though, with the white bead boarder on there, it appears to me that the mantle isn't straight. Is is just me?

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