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Aug 7, 2003
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To try and make a long post shorter...

I have a wedidng to shoot (family, and its this Saturday).

I'm afraid to screw up. Why? Because I don't want shadows here..and I don't want a yellow overcast there (you never know *i'm paranoid*)..

My Dad said he is going to try and rent a studio flash. but right now I'm thinking that I might need three. Two for a main for my large groups, and a background light for those annoying shadows.....

The other problem is I'd like to know if there are any general rules to watch out for. Especially black and white (which they want most of).

I will be using Kodak *aka crappy* Max 400 (and one 800) for my colour negative, and then Agfa 100 and Ilford (HP 5 I think) for my B&W.

Also, is there any nice colour negative film I can try out that will make the colours saturated and pretty?? (I was told of one, Fuji brand methinks, not sure)

P.S. Sorry, I couldn't find any infomation anywhere...

P.S.S. Again..I AM SO AFRAID >< :puke: :puke-rig:

P.S.S.S I'm just worried about not getitng the exposure right...or getting shadows...not getitng even light...etc.

And, I don't have anything special like a white cap to put over my lens to sofen the light :(

Dont have a lot of answers. I will tell you that you can not possibly do worse than the photographer at my wedding 2 weeks ago did. Saw the prints today. Arrrg! how hard is it not to burn B&W while developing? Anyway, as to not having special filters, I was looking at my new colour photography book today and it had some very neat artistic photos that the photographer had shot through a hole torn in a film box. Neat framing technic I intend to try. Just be creative. And I would say ofcourse BRACKET shoot. Would be nice if you had a camera with a auto bracketing. But I dont have to tell you that. I am sure you will produce sterling wedding photos. Look forward to seeing them. Relax. Breath. Good air in, bad air out. :camera:
teheheheeee... poor guy :D Sorry he messed up :)

Bracketing is like...a life saver ;)

As for the hole in a box. Awesome. Good idea. I didn't think too much into doing stuff like that. This will be so much fun...but...my tummy is going to do a number on me (I get horrid tummy pains when im nervouse and sometimes im nervouse for no reason)

bieng creative and giving them what they want isn't much of a problem at all. it's just the exposure and those shadows..THE SHAWDOWS.

I don't want to forget to use a certain setting....or forget to do something else like set the flashes properly o__O

and the know what i just thought of?

the priest prolly wont let me use a flash in the church. i dont blame him at all. but those i'm worried about the most..*sigh*

*good air in, bad air and feelings out......................*

Am I worrying too much?? I fele that if I do, all will be good.

In times like this, I wish I could afford a digital camera..*sigh*...digital..all manual...auto focus.....I wouldn't worry at all!!

P.s. thanks bunches ;)

Fujicolor Portrait NPS 160 Professional for your slow stuff

Fujicolor Portrait NPZ 800 Professional for your fast stuff.

flash diffuser:

no need to buy anything....take a clear film canister. cut it up the side (vertically). split the bottom. put over flash. diffused.

i didn't see any other questions, but then again i'm tired as hell. did i miss anything?

General rules that I'm missing? I know to bracket (thats a given especially in my situation).

She wont be wearing a white flowing dess, I dont even know if it's white. But what do I do when it coems to the sun? or is that not a worry?

i remember being told to shoot in the shade on a sunny day and use a flashto fill in the shadows.....is that right?

Black and white film? (its ok if you dont know anything about it, I forgot everything i know)

the electronic flashes my dad should be renting. is 3 too much? i figure a background and two main lights (for large groups)

im tired too..i dont care right now if im typing properly..... X_x.......

and again its ok if you dont have any answers ;)

thank you :D
i have some answers, but i'm beyond exhausted. let me hit you back in the morning.

sun comes up in an hour, so you'll see me again soon.
ok, where were we…

She wont be wearing a white flowing dess, I dont even know if it's white. But what do I do when it coems to the sun? or is that not a worry? i remember being told to shoot in the shade on a sunny day and use a flashto fill in the shadows.....is that right?

the sun is always a factor. if you can shoot in shade, do so. make sure you accurately assess the lighting even in shade as you don’t want the face to underexpose. even, diffuse lighting is ideal.

Black and white film? (its ok if you dont know anything about it, I forgot everything i know)

i’ll give it a go. *ahem*. i highly, very highly recommend shooting ilford xp2. it is the perfect film for weddings and potentially high contrast situations. you can even shoot 400 and 800 on the same roll and develop normally. great film. if you want to shoot conventional film, fp4 for your slow stuff and either hp5 pushed to 800 or delta 3200 downrated to 1000 (its true speed).

the electronic flashes my dad should be renting. is 3 too much? i figure a background and two main lights (for large groups)

background light may be overkill, but every photog has his own method.
i dont have much advice ... but i'll send good vibes your way :D ... take lots of film and batteries
Thank you everyone ;)

I got some film today. Asked the guy there about stuff.

It's a no go on renting any studio type flashes because we cant find anyone who rents them, and no one knows of anyone :(

All I wanted was to rent a lighting kit ;-; And the store didnt even have any in...

They had (for like 1200 bucks? or unless it was more..and I forget the brand)

Two lights, two stands, two umbrellas and the case..mm..I wanted to droooooll...I could do freelance with that and make an in home studio. ;) *lick*
I am new to the Photo Forum website and while reading through, came across your bits about the wedding that you were photographing. I have to photograph my first wedding in a month and reading your bits was like hearing myself! I was just wondering how it all went? I would really like to hear about it. Where are you from? Hopefully the wedding went well. Maybe you can help solace some of my same fears. I just keep trying to tell myself that anything is scary the first time you do it...until you do it. Then it's not so bad. Please let me know!

Well, I was nervouse, yet I wasn't.

Make sure you talk to the bride and groom, and research and write down what photos to take and what film (colour or black and white)

Mine wasnt a traditional wedding (it was their 50th anniversary, renewing thier vows) so a lot of the traditional things like the bouquet of flowers or poses with the parents didn't happen.

I learnt that you have to try and take pictures of all the tables and get everyone in at least one photo...

So it went well, I have yet to get the images (labs are backed up from the power outtages a while back)..plus I'm not sure where to take them. The clients being my grandparents, it's ok to wait a while..lol...

I shot in a church...and it was cramped...I tried to get the grandchildren (I'm actually prolly in no more than 5 shots the whole night..kinda sad I couldn't enjoy it more, but I would felt crappy all night if I didn't keep busy with taking pictures.)

Anyhow! So long story short, I saw a photographer the day of to see about exposure, and I used his sugestions and if they dont turn out, well, it's on his ass ;)

I am worried about red eye. I didnt use my small flash at all. Just a tripod for my AE1 and a large aperature, and the flash on my parents Eos Rebel at the reception.

I'm not worried about the black and whites at all (the ceremony/mass was shot with that whihc is what thye wanted) and then the reception in mostly colour. Of course I'm a bit worried about that.

I babble :)

MAKE SURE you have film in your pocket and you load it quickly >< and don't stress out like I did! lmao!
Most important thing....

Remember to Breathe!

Although i understand why your worring, i think that most people seem to remeber stuff when its needed, you may suprise yourself how much you will remember under pressure.

Enjoy the occasion and you'll do fine, if your to busy worring about what could go wrong you'll probably miss a heap of good oppourtunities. You'll take better photo's if you capture the mood of the wedding, and the best way to do that is to experience the mood yourself.
:lol: THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE ENCOURAGEMENT! I think that my worst worry is that I need to find a NEW 2nd photographer for this wedding, and I want them to do a good job, but be easy-going...not high-strung. I just keep praying that the right person will come along in my search. My other fear is shadows. But, I'm going to try not to think about them too much. I have to just keep my confidence up and be ready. I agree that enjoying the mood of the wedding is key to great pictures. I like to let people be themselves...then I get great shots. This wedding should provide for great opportunities --- the bridal party is full of clowns! Oh yeah...that reminds me of my other worry -- the bridal party consists of 23 PEOPLE!!!!! That includes the bride and groom, and the little people. WOW....yeah...I'd say that's going to be fun!

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