Weekly challenge 10/31 - 11/6 Patterns


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Mar 18, 2013
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For this week's challenge, look for patterns in the things around you. These can be found in nature or indoors in your everyday life. Some suggestions to look at - textures, brickwork, light, fences, architecture... Try composing your photo to emphasize the pattern, or go in the opposite direction and focus on the break in the pattern. Be aware of your depth of field and be sure to have the focus point where it will have the most impact. Color or black and white - your choice.

As always, new photos only please for the weekly challenge. Get out there and shoot!

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This challenge got me to thinking about the math that describes patterns in nature: Fractals and Mandelbrot sets.

Fractal - Wikipedia
Mandelbrot set - Wikipedia

From a walk this evening:

Mandala patterns

You found time. Interesting color contrast.

Thanks! This is my wife's imagination at work. For years, I have been begging her to get a hobby. I, myself, have gone to the extreme in this department, and have so many I can't devote all the time I should to them. Well, sir, she finally found the art of mandala, and to have only been doing it for a few, short weeks, she's quite good in my opinion :) That is an unfinished piece, btw.
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