Weekly Challenge 11/7 - 11/13 Red


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Mar 18, 2013
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For this week's challenge, take photos focusing on the color red - this can be your main subject or a prominent pop of color in the shot. Flowers, leaves, candy, clothing, hair, barns, cars, birds, brick, lips... lots of possibilities!

As always, new photos only for the challenge please. Get out there and shoot!

Side note - I'm changing the timing of the challenges to be from Sunday to Saturday. I'll try to post the new challenges on Saturday to start the next day. Would people prefer that the challenges be for 2 weeks or is 1 week working for you? Let me know.

May I introduce my sweetest neighbour Éléonore. Captured 2 days ago
as she was chatting with my daughter by the fence. Sure, we do speak
French with her — "I always manage to wear blue, white(hair), and red!"

This really was shot on November 7th 2021.

I was biking past the ballpark when I saw the college team I sometimes shoot was holding a Fall game. The home team is blue and white, the away team green, but when I saw the catcher I thought, "challenge."

Just made it! It's 6.30am on Saturady 13th here in New Zealand. Given we are one of the first countries to see the new day, I saw this just in time. Here's a shot from my Full Spectrum Infrared Sony A7R. It's a learning process as it's new to me. Using a yellow filter allows the sensor to capture a wider range of colours but sometimes you don't know what you're going to get until you process it. Balancing my wife's skin tone to a pleasing approximation of reality resulted in the purple/red being boosted. Of course the trees behind were actually green and her shirt was grey/black with red stripes so other colours change as they will (nylons always look strange).

eBiking: Mangere Bridge by Michael J Breen, on Flickr

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