Weekly challenge 2/20 - 3/5 EXTENDED. Light your subject!


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Mar 18, 2013
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Making this a two week challenge due to the lack of entries and a busy week for me.

For this week’s challenge, use artificial light to light your subject. On camera flash, speed light, continuous light, off-camera strobes, lume cubes, a lamp, a flashlight, headlights... anything other than natural light. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to take your photo at night or in the dark, but it does mean that there must be something used in addition to natural light to light your subject. Dust off that speed light that you bought and barely used, get creative with some streetlights or neon signs, or if you’re “extending the holidays” lazy like me and still have your Christmas lights up...

Editing this post to add - name your light source on your post if it’s not obvious.

As always, new photos only for the challenge please. Get out there and shoot!

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Maizy. X100V, Nissin i40 bounced off white ceiling. Business card in top slot of flash.


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