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Weekly challenge 9/12 - 9/18 In the Abstract


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Mar 18, 2013
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We haven't had an abstract challenge in a while! For this week's challenge, think in the abstract and get your creativity flowing.

Please include the info on how you created your abstract. For example: in camera double exposure, lens zoom, intentional camera movement, subject isolation etc. If you create your abstract using post process, provide some details on program used (PS, Affinity, Prisma...) and the technique/filter used. For example Affinity Photo/liquify and mirror.

As always, new photos only for the weekly challenge please! Get out there and shoot.

An Introduction to Abstract Photography


The Ultimate Guide To Abstract Photography (112 Best Tips!)
This afternoon photographed a number of plants and flowers from my neighbor downstairs as my basic material for some abstract tinkering.

# 1 green color of plant changed to blue coloration via gradient mapping

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# 3 made a layer with a plugin named "twist" emphasis on the color yellow, obtained a gray glow as an extra. made a black/white layer and combined both layers with the yellow elements 'pushed' in saturation to create a special accent.

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Fill the frame. Illuminate subject with speedlight to add clarity and saturation inside the frame. No edit, soc. Used snapseed to resize.

Slow exposure while zooming out

Monday we had very hard winds and lots of damage. The winds greatly increased the size of the wildfires and we've been blanketed in smoke since. This is what's left of a stop sign against our smokey skies.



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