Weird backlit spider


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Oct 26, 2003
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Brisbane, Australia
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Backlit in it's web. The sun was hitting it from behind and the lens was pointed in the direction of shade to make the background black. This was shot during the day, not at night :) Also he's about 2mm across.
Whoa! Coolest! I like how you also capture the slight swinging movement of the thin-thin web!
We here see a small version of the photo ... does it stand on its own in the original size? Or is downsizing helping sharpness issues?

Still: cool find, well done, backlit is among my favourites for just about EVERYTHING (mostly green leaves, but I need no longer mention that, do I? ;)), and I am so taken in by the "trembling motion" of the web.
I'd love to see it bigger.

If you'd not told us what it was, I may not be able to figure it out. It's abstract.
Hahahah that would be right. First time I don't put "a bigger version on flickr" underneath the image someone asks for it. Well I just added the flickr link to my signature, there's a larger one in there.

LaFoto that isn't actually motion blur. It is incredibly small depth of field. Because of the thin horizontal lines and the high contrast it looks like motion blur.

The abstractness is what I like about it. I actually started taking normalise photos of the web lit with the light and I realised if I drop the aperture and the exposure on the whole and turn the camera around it looks like the spider is floating on a watery like surface :)

This photo is definitely going into the happy accident gallery.

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