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Rick Jesse

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Nov 15, 2020
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I just purchased a D3500 body and trying to use my old Nikkor AF lenses from my 35MM body.

I understand that everything has to be done in Manual mode only.

A lot of the photos are black, then every once in a while it works fine. In Live View the screen most of the time is either just white, or white with pink bars (often with weird interference on the screen) or all black, then randomly it will show a proper preview. When the preview is normal the photos are fine.

Is this an issue with the camera or with the lens and the camera not being able to sense them? Everything I see they should work fine in manual mode.

All 3 of my older Nikkor lenses do the same exact thing.
Are these screw drive focusing lenses? As in does the mount have this flat head screw on it?

yes they do, they are the 90's era Nikkor AF lenses.
That would explain AF not working but the exposure is a mystery to me. Maybe post a couple examples with EXIF.
If you have a kit lens (AF-S, G), have you tried the same scene with both the old lens and the new one?
I don't have any modern lenses, so certainly was expecting to operate these only in manual mode. To me the issue is the weirdness with Live View displaying an all white screen, or a whitescreen with Pink Bars and then sometimes normal. When the live view is not working the camera even with flash only takes all black photos or sometimes a readish photo. Once the live view shows properly (random things bring it back) photos are dark without flash perfect with flash. I really think the brains of the camera or not working.

See attached for serious of photos I took.


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What I thought, was brand new, back it goes I guess...
If its not too late, try cleaning the contacts.
Have you set the body to manual focus so it's not trying to do stuff?

Almost looks like the mirror is randomly getting hung on something. Make sure the lens isn't sticking into the body too far.

There is a list of what lens are and are not compatible with your body. Look for it on Nikons web site.
I sent the camera back purchased another exactly the same body and it works with no issue (limited control due to the old AF lenses) but no oddities at all.

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