West USA (June 2007) : Grand Canyon and other


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Aug 3, 2007
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Pithiviers Le Viel, France
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Hi guys,

Bad weather here in France for my astronomical imaging, so i began to digitalize my best slides in high resolution taken in the West of the US on June.

The first slides have been Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Yellowstone. A professional photographer has digitalized them and i worked on the raw images to have the results below.

The images showed this summer after my trip had been digitalized with my home material (not good results).

This is now the first slides from the HR images :

Grand Canyon "Sky Conquest" : http://www.poigetdigitalpics.com/GrandcanyonPano.html


I used 3 of my slides to create this panoramic view of the Grand Canyon. My camera was a Nikon F4 using Fuji Provia 100 ISO slide films. The lens was a Sigma Pro serie 17mm at f/5.6 .

The view has been taken on the South rim trail.

Bryce Canyon "E.T in Bryce" : http://www.poigetdigitalpics.com/ETinBryce.html


The rock with the E.T head, the sun, the tree, have given this view at the right moment. One of my best picture taken in Bryce Canyon.

Yellowstone "Geyser in the Sky" : http://www.poigetdigitalpics.com/yellowstone8.html


Once again, the right moment with a beautiful light and color. Yellowstone is an incredidle Ntl park. I love it !!!!!!

Yellowstone "Apocalypse Earth" : http://www.poigetdigitalpics.com/yellowstone22.html


Mammoth hot springs in Yellowstone in an extraordinary place. I tried to take this picture to give an apocalypse view.

Other pictures will come in the next weeks and early in 2008.

I hope you will like them.

Best Regards,

Florent ;)
Wow, nice shots. I like the one from Yellowstone. The color is fantastic!

Thank you very much for your message. West of the US is also an incredible place. I love it.......It is like another World.

Thanks once again.

Warmest Regards,

Florent :wink:
Gorgeous shots!
I like the second one - the way the tree bends all the way up! Very nice!
Thank you for your messages.

West West is incredible !!!!!!!! Another World.

Warmest Regards,

Florent :D

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