Whaleback Moonrise

Great set! #3 nominated for POTM
Thanks Cheryl, much appreciated!

Awesome! Did you use any planning tools to pick your location ahead of time, or did you wing it and move as you needed?
Thanks! Used TPE for the initial plan to figure out which lighthouse would have a line up that worked. The used Photo Pills to figure out where to set up once we got there. Fortunately we got there early because a night photography meet up group showed up with about 15-20 people plus many others were there on their own so not much opportunity to change spots once it got crowded. I know the guy who runs the meet up group and he shoots a lot of moonrise/moonset stuff using Plan It Pro. There’s a ton of good apps available.
Nice Set # 3 for me!
Really nice images. I agree cropping them to something like 16:9 from the original image might be more dynamic. I really like the distortions in the first image!
Thanks for the comment - you made me think about print options and cropping. Or maybe some type of collage.


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