What A Sad Night


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Oct 4, 2011
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The Beautiful Hills of East Tennessee
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I just need to share this:

I had dinner with my mom tonight. She's 86, will be 87 in August. She's been in congestive heart failure since 1988, but she's still going strong. In the past few years, she has spent her birthdays taking a motorcycle ride, going whitewater rafting, riding in a helicopter, taking hula classes, and she WANTS to do a zipline, if her doctor will let her. She's amazing.
But she's almost 87. She's still driving and talks continually about needing to stop driving soon, but won't actually make the leap. We had a LONG talk about that tonight, and it was just tough.
But mostly, in the last six months, her memory has gone from not great to absolutely terrible. We've had a geriatric assessment done on her, and they didn't find any problems with her mental function, but I just don't believe it was at all accurate. My dad had Alzheimer's and Parkinson's--I *know* when I see significant problems with mental acuity.

So, while I enjoyed have dinner with her, it was also kind of emotionally wearing.

THEN, I got home to a message from a friend trying to call me. A dear, dear friend of mine--and my pastor's daughter-in-law--lost her baby tonight. She was due in late August, and we had JUST decorated the church earlier for the baby shower we were planning to have this Sunday.

That's all. I'm just unbelievably sad...and needed to share.
Damn, that's tough all over Sharon; sounds like a good night to enjoy a glass of wine, reflect on the great years with your mother and ignore the world!
Wishing you better days. with lots of sunlight, and pretty birds for you to photograph.
Damn, that's tough all over Sharon; sounds like a good night to enjoy a glass of wine, reflect on the great years with your mother and ignore the world!

Dang, WHY didn't I think to stop and get some wine on the way home?
Well, I've got rum...that's good enough!
Yeah, rum and a good movie...now, what can I watch that won't just make me cry? :D
:( I'm so sorry to read this...good thoughts and prayers going out to you and those you care about.
Sorry to hear Sharon, there can be a big effect on friends and family with this stuff. No need to apoligise either. Some of us share and some don't.
Things will get better, Sharon... they always do. Your mom sounds like an awesome lady!
I'm sorry to hear about all of this - these are two of the saddest things I can imagine. But I believe in the power of prayer and I will definitely say one for you immediately!
Wow, Sharon. So sorry. For whatever good it will do, good luck to you and yours with everything. :(
I am sorry Sharon. You know your mom better then anyone and would know best. It's still really hard though. Hopefully things start to look up for you. The loss of a baby is just unimaginable and hopefully she will someday find comfort in those around her.
Things happen for a reason. The toughest part is when we're not privy to that reason. Sad nonetheless.
Wishing you better days ahead, and prayers for your dear mother. We all know you're tough, and resilient, and it seems like those two qualities are going to be tested even more soon.Stay strong Sharon.

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