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what comes to mind when you hear "hope"


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Apr 13, 2008
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Boston, MA
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i need symbols, images, words, etc. that come to mind when you hear "hope," "strength," "courage," "perseverance," etc.

please and thank you.
...drawing one card to hopefully, fill an inside straight, with a big pot on the table...
Hope - Doves
Strength - Survivor of some sort
Courage- Soldier
Perseverance- Athlete (reminded me of the gatorade commercials) haha
hope - wings
strength - spinach
courage - ant
perseverance - bird
etc - long day
Hope -A child (eyes?)
Strength - Bridge/steel
Courage- A child looking out into a big open area.
Perseverance- weed growing in the crack of concrete
hope = dope

Because it rhymes, and because you can say that those who rely only on hope are dopes.
hope - a new grandmother holding her first grandchild
strength - a woman giving birth
courage - someone getting chemo
perseverance - a dancer who's finally made it past the corps de ballet
hope makes me think of Obama, which in turn makes me think of failure
The word hope was ruined for me in 08.

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