What could it be?


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Nov 14, 2011
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South Florida
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I've been seeing people posting their Macro for a guessing game. I found something to try and I will be really shocked if anyone gets it. I used photogbucket, so it may look a little softer.

no clue.
Looks like a shotgun blast
A bad case of CA. :lol:

I'm gonna guess some sort of insect nest.
Do you find it in the Kitchen or Bathroom?
We should start watching these threads and keeping track of whose posts take the longest to get a correct answer.
At a little bit of a loss on this one. It looks like what ever it is has been worn down. It might of been air bubbles that were in some harder material that have been shaved down somehow.

Its too uneven to be a precisely manufactured item, so its either natural or something that isn't that important.
An aquarium decoration
It's those shell thingies that grow around rocks in the ocean.

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