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What do you think of this shot??

What do you wanted to achieve in this shot? What do you see?

It's crooked with a water fountain and chairs in the background...What in this shot that you find that's interesting?
Crooked, fountain is cut off, busy background.

I think your focus in the image is ok. But yeah, lots of room for improvement.
yeah, it's a little crooked, but at least it's in focus.
The main subject, the pot fountain is very under exposed. I would bet you used a light metering mode that averaged the light in the entire scene.

Human nature is such that our eyes go first to the bright portions of an image, in this photo the distant background. Painters figured this out many hundreds of years ago, and in the art world the concept has long been stated as 'light advances, dark receeds'. In photography today it's known as 'pop', the subjects pops from the background.

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