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Jun 5, 2008
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Hi Everybody

Here is one of the first pictures I took with my new D60 ( My Boxer Raven ) let me know what you think.

All advice is welcome.


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I love boxers... I love the expression. As for the shot the white balance is off a little and it is a tad bit under exposed as well.
I love boxers, but they should all come with a lifetime supply of xanax--for the dog, not the owner. They tend to be a little neurotic.
Looks good, I like your dog.

Only complaints - Next time get the eye boogers off. As was said it looks a little underexposed and there is a bluish tint to it due to the white balance being off.
His expression is really cute.
White balance has been mentioned. Mild underexposure has been mentioned. Eye boogers (first time I hear this expression :D) have been mentioned.

Focus is good. Blurred background works well. Chainlink fence, however, does not appear to be the ideal background ... and then look at where there is his face in this photo. It is smack in the middle. Which is not so good. What use is there for all that bit of lawn to be seen on his right (actually left)?

Now that the photo has already been taken as it was, you can still "re-compose" by cropping off parts of it, like quite some of what's on the right (his left), and also something from above (reduces the fence to almost-no-longer-to-be-seen), and then your photo will be even more about him and will look more pleasing as it is then less centrally composed.
Thank you for all the comments everybody! :thumbup:

@ LaFoto

I agree with all your points but she is not an easy model to work with, actually this is one of the few pictures I have of her that actually looks decent and isn't just a shadow running by :p

I will try taking some more and posting them up.


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