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Jun 16, 2013
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So I took this a couple days ago and every time I look at it I cant help but to just stare. There's something about this that I love, I'm just not sure what.. let me know what you think! I wanna hear some more opinions other than my family :) Thanks!!

Sorry, but it doesn't do a thing for me.
What Sparky said, sorry.
Haha well I appreciate the feedback guys! I was just wondering what others may have thought.
Yeah, bit on the boring side. I still think you have some creative potential based on your other posts .. as was mentioned, get out and shoot more.
Seriously, I can see your subject draw here. But it does need more creativity--perhaps a cat sitting at the window, blurred and billowy curtains blowing in the breeze, etc...

It would also be a good exercise in correct use of exposure.

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