What is best alternatives for pocket wizards ?


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Jan 30, 2012
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Hi All,

I am a canon shooter and love taking pics outdoor with flash.I use 2 Canon 580EX II flashes for all my work.I triggered them remotely through Local Chinese trigger (set of 1 transmitter + 2 receivers) with a maximum sync speed of 250/sec.

I know if I have shoot at higher sync speed then either I use my on camera flash as master and other 2 as slaves and trigger it, but in that case range and sometimes angle is a concern.
Other option is going buying a for a Pocket Wizard (set of 3) which will be very expensive.

IS there any company who make products similar to pocket wizard which gives high sync speed above 250 till 4000 and are durable or a website where I can get pocket wizard at much cheaper costs.

Do you have high speed sync enabled on your flashes?
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