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Apr 12, 2009
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I've been wondering what exactly is the best lighting for taking photos with natural lighting. Partially cloudy, sunny, overcast, etc.... Also what is the best time during the day to take photos?
Depends what your taking pictures off but cloud cover does diffuse the lighting very well.


For example was taken a couple of hours after heavy rain. The light was poor and overcast but I feel the end result was very good.
For lighting, overcast is the best, but usually it requires a high ISO to get a good exposure, sunny is good, but youd need either a fill flash or a reflector to fill in harsh shodws.
All depends on what your shooting, and really depends on what equpment you have.

EDIT: The time depends on what your shooting. If you are shooting a landscape, the golden tones around sunset and sunrise are amazing, but for a portrait, it looks pretty bad.
If your shooting people, the anytime after the golden light is gone in the morning untill they come back in the evening will work. You may need a fill flash at certain points of the day (or depending on where the sun in relation to shooting. You always want to try and get it behind you)
Again, depends on what your shooting.
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clouds act as a huge diffuser, spreading the light around, creating less harsh shadows and highlights. also, clouds add a lot of drama to the sky for your outdoor shots. people usually recommend shooting during sunset and sunrise, as the colors are more vivid and the light is more dramatic. when the sun is high in the sky, contrast is way too strong, and colors are bland.
If the suns bright shoot your subject in the shade, best time for landscapes dawn/dusk, people in bright sunshine use fill. H
I envy you for having such a nice picture and good background, as well. My friends and I are fond of taking our pictures. We already have lots of them but aren't as great as that.
For city mice, even bright sunny days can be handled with aplomb if shooting is done on the shady side of the street. Buildings are our friends. Tri-X lives!

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