What is wrong with some people these days?

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Aug 6, 2010
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Alright first off sorry about this TPF.

Okay i'm posting this here in the beginner forum so it gets the most views, :greenpbl:
I want to start off by giving my shpiel (probably spelled that wrong) on what my issue is with some people these days. Alright so I was just hovering over a thread you all may have seen in here that's quite a big one. It's grown over a little bit of time to become a pretty huge ordeal about a camera upgrade. Now you may think what the heck is this kid talking about, well i'll explain, all the OP wanted to know is what some of you who had experience with pro bodies (D3s,D3x, and D700) would do if you had a D80 and was going to upgrade.
I put in my $0.02 about waiting for a D7000 (his final choice) just to see what would happen in the reviews. Now i'm not by any means saying I answered his question and that I myself solved his dilemma, I definately didn't he made his decision. Now at the end of the thread somebody jumps in with the sly comment, "do you even know how to use your D80? why upgrade when you don't know anything" (that's what it came down to).
This got me pretty worked up, i've seen it come up in many different threads where some people just come on here to call people out. This forum is to help people out and not pick at them for what you think they might or might no know. You have no right to call people out on what they know. If this lady wants to upgrade then let her! Don't sit here and critisize about what you think she doesn't know! I think it's plainly ridiculous for some people to come here and judge others just because they ask a question.

I guess my point here is, if you don't have anything useful to say, or helpful, shut up and write it in a notepad if you want to vent. I think it's ridiculous. Just my personal opinion here and I am well aware that some people will come on this thread and say the exact same thing to me. I know I got a dinky D40x with no selection of lenses but hey, you don't know my financial status, or anything about me so whoa re you to say what I know and what I don't know. Go ahead and do your thing to make yourself feel better.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. ;)
this should be fun.
OK DR. PHIL! :lol:
No matter what you say. you have a d40! :lmao:

I am kidding of course. Some people here are assholes.
Anyone want to take bets on how long this piece of trash thread takes to get to 10 pages?

And they say I am bad for starting a "Mac or Windows" thread...


Here you go!




Like the original post said Neil S. If you don't have anythign good to say. Go somewhere else. :er:

LOL what?

Are you like Dr. Phils son or something?
What to use when you see abusive/insulting etc... posts on the site


please don't make me use it in this thread
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