What software or editing technique creates this effect?


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Dec 14, 2011
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I hope I'm not breaking rules posting someone else's photos here... for sake of credit it is from Beth Wild Photography.

What software and/or what techniques are being used to create these effects?

For this one, how does she create that effect in the eyes? There's no way that's straight out of camera - normal human eyes don't even look like that. (But I love it!)

EDITED: I couldn't get a straight link to those pictures due to her website design. But I guess if you just go to bethwildphotography.com the first pic that shows up shows the effect on the eyes that I'm curious about.
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Good lighting & camera techniques to start with.

The first one is a simple vignette. Could be done in-camera or in post.

Eyes? Sharpening.

And yea, posting photos w/o permission is a no-no.
I'm guessing you're talking about the baby with the ultra-blue eyes? In which case she has edited the eyes pretty heavily which would involve bumping up the brightness, saturation, clarity and sharpness of the eyes only by using layer masks in photoshop, or the adjustment brush in lightroom. It also looks in a few of her other shots like she heavily processes everyone's faces - she maybe using specialist portrait editing software like Portrait Professional - which by the way is a great super-easy to use program for editing portraits.

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