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What super power would you have?


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Feb 20, 2007
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If you could have a super power what would it be and why?

I would choose a photographic memory (if that even counts as a super power) or magical abilities.
xray vision...for sure. (but only when I CHOOSE to look...ahaha)

maybe the jedi mind trick.
easy, bend space and time so I can go back and pay my electric bill on time.
Freely travel through time. I would love to visit colonial times. And go forward and buy a Nikon D9 and bring it back.
shoot spaghetti out of my fingers! but seriously, probably breathing underwater as mentioned or flying.
easy, bend space and time so I can go back and pay my electric bill on time.

I dunno Switch, traveling back in time with those scissors, you might mess up the space time continuum and then we'll all be screwed!
Flying would be the ultimate thrill of all.

In a close 2nd, Invisibility so I could be a mercenary spy for major dollars
It would have to be invisibility for me, but I would have to have some kind of special (invisible) bag that I could put stuff in & hide it.
...you know, just having one of those bags would probably be good enough.
I think I'll go with everything... :p

Well...I like the invisibility bag thingy...and flying would be awesome.
How about the ability to change your appearance at will? Tall, short, man, woman, young, old...etc...
(anyone else a Potter dork?)
I'll go with bending space/time. This would give you the ability to stop time (I could get so much more sleep and never late for anything) and also let me travel forward and back through time. I'd give almost anything to go back and see loved ones that have passed away.
I'd have the power of loooooove :eyebrows:

it would look like this in case you are all wondering
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