What to do with OLD chemicals


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Jan 31, 2012
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Port Townsend, WA
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I recently inherited a box of photographic equipment and some chemicals. This box was packed up and sealed in 1984. There is an unopened 3 1/2 oz foil package of Kodak D76 developer and an unopened 24 oz foil package of Kodak Fixer and an opened but tightly sealed bottle of Indicator stop bath and a similar bottle of Photo Flo. Can any of these chemicals still be usable after all these years? What might the consequences be?
JohnYoga said:
Dump them in your back yard when no one is looking...


Dump them in John's yard when no one is looking...
perhaps, do you have a school or art center in the area that is still doing darkroom work? If so, donate them, they can mix them up and test to be sure they are till ok. Stop bath and photo flow have a very long shelve life.

Cans would be better, as foil packages can have small pin holes that will lead to oxidation of the chemicals which in turn degrade their effectiveness.

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