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Dec 18, 2010
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West Islip NY USA
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I'm going on a trip to the state parks and wineries of upstate New York. Just looking for some thoughts on what to bring. I have an NEX and D800, but plan on taking only the D800 as I think I'll have some opportunities for some great shots. As for lenses I have: 28 1.8, 50 1.8, 85 1.8, 24-120 VR and 80-200 AFS. I can also get a 24-70, 35 1.4 or 16-35 to bring with me. What two or three lenses would you bring?

Also on another topic, I'm considering replacing the 80-200 AFS with the 70-200 VR II, any thoughts on that? Worth the $$ ?

Thanks for your thoughts. I made one decision so far, upgraded the 80-200 to the 70-200 ;) As far as the vacation goes, I may take the 70-200 and the 28 1.8. I just can't see myself leaving the new lens at home.
if it was me I'd take the 28, 50, and 70-200
I would try to find a way to bring all of the lenses just in case I needed them. If I absolutely had to choose only 3, I would bring the 16-35, 85, and 70-200 but the 28 could come in handy to.
My decision to purchase the the 70-200 ate up all the funds for purchasing the 16-35 or the 24-70. After I return from vacation I may be able to pick one of those other two lenses up, but for now all $ went to the upgrade. So ?? What to bring???

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