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I never owned a point and shoot. I was serious about it from the first day.

I decided I wanted one after taking a media class in school. I guess that's when I got serious.
well... I grabbed my dad's Zenit when I was 12 simply because I thought it might be an interesting hobby...
On the point and shoot front, I quite enjoyed taking the 'family portraits' when we were traveling (It always felt so professional to hear the film start 'whirring' back when done)
I was given my father's old Pentax and some film when I was about 12, so why not? I probably took a dozen rolls, enjoyed the hobby and then got a DSLR (Unfortunately I had to give the Pentax back, but the shutter was starting to 'lag' a bit)
i expressed an interest in photography about ten years ago, and borrowed a few p&s 35mm cameras, but before i could go out and buy one my parents bought me a Rebel X with the kit lens for my 20th birthday. i have been hooked ever since.

[rant]That camera didn't have a port for a cable release, so the only way to take a longer exposure was to use the timer!!! Does anybody else see this as a HUGE design flaw? I probably should have switched to nikon at that point but Canon was all i knew so I upgraded to a Canon Elan IIe almost solely for the cable release capability. And since i know nothing about any other mfr i stuck with canon for my recent DSLR addition.[/rant]
Well...I always liked to take pictures. It seems that all my friends took photography in high school/college, while I was in advanced art. Go figure that I choose the wrong direction!
I realized that I liked to do layout (catalogs and scrapbooks) about 10 years ago.
Working with a professional photog at my last job and being around Photogoddess inspired me to "make the jump" to a good camera. The good 'ol point & shoot wasn't cuttin' it anymore. The options and quality of SLR/DSLRs created more of the "want" also.
I borrowed SLRs from Photogoddes on several occasions and really drooled over her 10d. So, after I inherited a Canon EOS SLR with lenses, I decided to buy a used 10d body. I figured if my mentor had that camera, she could certainly show me how to use it!
I am still learning about photography, so when I feel ready, I will upgrade. For now...I'm just having fun!
Gee i seem to be the only cold blooded bastard here. I was working as a reporter for a news service and hated it. I thought about what I could do to make a buck and not have to work too hard. My father had worked in a textile mill for most of his life and I knew that wasnt it. I had shot a few rolls of film through a Petri 7s rangefinder while I was at summer camp in asia (1969), so I figured I could learn enough to make a buck. At the time I didn't even own a decent camera.

I started tech school with a Ricoh 35mm slr and a plan to be rich and famous (Neither happened). I graduated with a certificate and a professional license from the state. All it meant was that I had paid my tax fee. I ran into a bunch of guys who didn't mind me hanging out with them when I wasn't writing about construction work.

One of them was a lab tech for a working pro photographer. He gave me the advice that stuck with me forever. I started to book weddings for peanuts, then went on to book them for walnuts. At the ripe old age of sixty I am retired and doing what I was taught to do on day one. Shooting for the love of the cameras and the images that I can create with them. Doesn't much matter what anyone else sees in them, just that I do it the very best I know how.

So when did i make the move from point and shoot, after thirty years as a paid professional photographer. My studio is run by my son in law and i am now a retro photographer not for hire.
my aunt bought me a polaroid camera when i was very young. so i somewhat consider that my start in photo. i took pictures with it frequently till it broke (i still have some of them). but then i didn't really express much interest in it for several years. at least not consciouly. i never really thought about it, but i really enjoyed magazines and the pictures in them. i never really thought about what went hand in hand with this odd obsession until recently. so in Nov 2005 i posted on here for some help getting started in serious photography. i took some pics with an old Pentax 35mm SLR and my dad's P&S digi. then i blew my savings on my Oly. so here i am a few months and a DSLR later completely obssesed with photo. i thank the wonderful people here for pushing me over the fence. :hug::

it might seem like i jumped into the DSLR fray early, but i just got that feeling like it was "right" for me. what can i say, i'm in lov :)
i started to take pictures because of the feelings a picture could bring to me. i thought it was amazing this could happen and wanted to give other people that feeling as well. i also like the whole story from a single photo aspect. as far as point and soot, it dosent make since but i never liked them because they were to easy so i bought a slr and have loved every moment of change
I married a photographer. Helped a bit at weddings he shot, first by handing him film on demand, and holding the flash as directed. Then one day he stuck a camera in my hands and wanted me to go around taking B&W candids, with this as my tutorial: "Don't point it at anyone standing in front of a window. I'll explain later." :lol:

Then the poor sod told me he liked my candids, and wondered aloud if I would be interested in learning hand coloring as an additional offering to go with the B&W candids. We have long since been out of the wedding business and, these days, I am not only a hand coloring artist, but have ventured on my own into alternative photographic processes. He's been scratching his head when he looks at me for several years now. :love:
When i was in highshool we had a photography unit in industrial arts (shop class) i really enjoyed it but never got into outside of school. Then a few years later i was walking through a pawn shop, saw a Canon AE-1 with 2 lenses, a bag, a speedlite, and autowinder for 100$ CND and bought it. Well from there i was addicted, after taking my first roll into get devolped, i decided that would not do, so i bought a dark room. I did that ALOT for about 5 months then slowed down for a bit, then bought my Nikon D50. And it is still climbing at an out of control rate.
Somehow photography fascinates me to no end. The turning point came when I was accepted at School of Visual Arts. My passion for photography and all the arts was sparked and has not died since. After nearly 20 years in the biz... I am generally very proud that I make a living from photography.

Ironically I just bought a Coolpix 5200. I think I love it more then my dumb ol' D1H.
I'd suffering from depression for about 4 years on and off and I'd been on anti-depressants for a few weeks and was told to just get out and do something. so I did, I just went in town and brought the first camera I saw in a shop, didn't have a clue how to use it and decided it might be fun learning.

I've never had a lesson in my life I just learnt from looking at other peoples work, thats the best thing about this group, theres just so much talent from you people to keep me trying harder.

Photography is theh best thing in my life, OK its the ONLY thing in my life but hey i'm now happy:D

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