what would u recommend ... if you had to choose. Fuji F31FD or Pansonic ZS3

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by mxl360, Mar 24, 2010.

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    some history...

    I have owned about 4 digital cameras.

    Right after I bought the Panasonic ZS3, I learned about how important the size of the sensors are and that's one of the main reasons why SLRs take great pictures.

    But the size of SLRs are really intimidating to carry around. Then I found out about the "compact low light king" Fuji F31FD.

    So i'm thinking about selling my ZS3 and picking up the F31FD.

    I understand they're different type of camera's, but it seems like most people would make more use of F31FD. I got into the megapixel and zoom hype, but I don't print pictures and I don't send pictures larger than most LCD screen and I rarely use zoom.

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    I've also been intrigued with the F31FD's reputation, but I can't bring myself to pay twice what the camera cost new in 2006/2007 for a used one. I see them running $400 to $500. If you can find one under $200 maybe? I'd just save up some more and go with one of the more recent compacts like that Oly Pen D or Sigma DP-whatever.

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