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May 24, 2006
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Hi Everyone,

I have a dilemna, and would greatly appreciate some input.

I have a nearly new Nikon F55 film camera, with two lenses. I am thinking I would like to sell it off to buy a digital camera. I figure between my savings and the proceeds I would have about 200 pounds, maybe slightly more, to spend. What would be my best option for a digital camera? I am a relatively experienced photographer, and enjoy taking non-professional photos of family, nature, etc... I would like the highest quality option possible, and am not afraid to use manual settings etc...

I have also thought of keeping the lenses and waiting until the prices come down to buy a Nikon digital camera that I can use with the lenses I already have.....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Maybe keep the lenses and buy second-hand digital nikon from ebay.

What type of lens fit are they..AIS ?
They are G type lenses....does that mean they are not compatible with digital cameras? I bought them as part of a F55 package.....
Sometimes I struggle with the whole film vs digital issue as well...but it would sure be nice to not have to buy film, etc...
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My suggestion, would be to do all that you can to get a Nikon DSLR. A D50 or a D70. You will be able to use your current lenses on either.

From the sounds of it, you may be perfectly happy with a small digi-cam, they are easy to carry around and can take OK photos in some conditions. However, you have been using a film SLR so you know what it feels like to use a real camera. Any Digi-cam will not feel quite as good as an SLR. The shutter response and actually looking through the lens.

As image quality is a concern, the DSLR is a hands down winner. The camera my be 2 times more expensive, but it's 10 times the camera.
Thanks for the welcome Big Mike! I think you are right, I have been using SLR's for years, and it would be hard to feel like I was using something less. I have been reading good things about a Fuji S700 series, it is like 200 pounds or so, but it is not an SLR at the end of the day.... Looks like I will be saving my money for awhile...

It is a big relief to hear that I can still use the lenses....the camera is nice, I just want to get with the times, and stop paying for film and developing, as well as sending images over the computer etc...
I feel Fuji cameras are mostly let down with their sensor spec/size... Better off with either a Nikon or Canon.

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