What would you improve about your present camera?


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Dec 30, 2011
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I'm presently using a Nikon d5100 and I'm satisfied with it accept for one thing and that is it's lack of a focusing motor. I have 3 older AF lenses that don't auto focus. I know the d90 and d7000 cure this but, I really like the flip monitor and neither of those models have it. I guess we can't have everything. What would you improve on your present camera.
Current main camera Canon 7D:

Allow it to have a proper silent shooting mode when in live view - that is not having the mirror flipping up and down all the time. I'm not sure why it has to do this (I assume its either some hardware mechanism) but allowing me to shoot with just the flick of the shutters and no mirror motions would be great.

Higher usable ISO range whilst retaining detail is always good - as is improved dynamic range.

Increased weathersealing - again always good to have!

Manual volume control when recording audio -- reduced rolling effect when recording video
I'm disappointed that mine didn't come with several sexy dancing girls who are good models.

And a brass pole. Yeah.
There's are too much 'wrong' with current cameras I doubt there's enough bandwidth on the forum for me to list all my 'gripes'.

I'm disappointed that mine didn't come with several sexy dancing girls who are good models.

And a brass pole. Yeah.

The least they can do is shave their legs. :lmao:
I have a D90.

1. Better high iso performance.
2. More then three shot bracketing.
3. Better weather sealing.
4. Faster auto focus.
What 'overread' said and I would love to have GPS on my 7D.
On my T2i, the only thing I can find to complain about is that the viewfinder is not brighter.
The ONLY thing I want to upgrade from my 7D is a full-fame sensor. Everything else is magnificent, but I will be pre-ordering the 5D Mk III when it is announced.

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I wouldn't change a thing about my K100D, as it would have raised the price quite a bit with no discernable improvement in my results. 6MP is enough. The base optics are great. It has anti-shake that is body-integral, and a real DoF preview.

Sometimes, I look just to see what companies are doing. Full frame and 10+ MP is all the rage. I guess full frame is a nice feature, especially if one has left-over 35mm lenses.
I have a D5100.

I want more dials. I want Nikon grips. Ah... The D7000 will give me what I want - except the swiveling screen...
Sturdier mode dial. (I don't even use it, it just fell and got chipped, wish that was made of magnesium, is the mode dial magnesium on pro-bodies?)

More intuitive ISO control.

Better AF.

Alot of people complain about the viewfinder, honestly... didn't notice too much when I went full-frame for 2 weeks.

D7000 btw.
Well, I have a T3. It is a very inexpensive DSLR, so I cannot complain much.

But, I would like to shoot full 1080p video (I am almost positive it shoots 720p)
A faster AF while on Live View wouldn't hurt.
And, a faster continuous shooting mode.

Like I said though, it is hard to complain when the camera w/kit lens was under $500.
I really wish mine came with a better eye behind the viewfinder and a faster reaction time to the finger on the shutter button.

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