Whatsit Jan. 20

Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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Let's see how well you do today.

Hmmmm..... my starting guess is going to be coarse ground ..... coffee.
nuts or a granola bar
Looks like small gravel to me. The turquiose(edit: blue) piece on the bottom thrid close to the right side of the image is interesting to me. Seems like the odd man out there. :)
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I'm going to go with ground walnuts.
Haha I was like wait, turquiose??

Toast crumblies
Good one Ron, 5 posts 5 different guesses :two thumbs up:
I've been looking at this again and have another thought - chocolate chip cookie crumbs?
Ground-up nuts...... you're making cookies?
Looks like ground butter finger to me. Its a pretty heavy difference in color to just be a single type of bean unless you are working with a blend.
Ground up Pecans?

Pronounced southern style of course..... "puh-cons"
Looks like the bottom of a fish tank without the water
ice cream bar covered with chocolate chips and nuts

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