When kids put dishes away...


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Jul 31, 2012
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you didnt say how, did you?
Thats how I do it!
Aw, that's so cute. I would definitely file that shot under "happy family memories"!
Man, if my wife saw our dishes stacked like that she'd blow a gasket!!!
Yep, looks about right. And then there's the silverware... :lmao:
My kids are now almost 21 and 23, and they would STILL probably do it about the same way.

On another note: I have that same design of coffee mug, the one with Santa on it. I might have the other Christmas-themed one, too. I used to buy the boys a new Christmas mug for their hot chocolate every year (a tradition that probably started because the mugs never lasted a year before they broke, and I didn't want them using, and breaking, my "good" mugs!)
At least they help! Personally, I like the stacking the way it is - a bit of a triangular composition going on there. I might have put the two blue ones together, but I'll still give it an 8.5/10.

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