When the photographer craps out on you.


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May 11, 2011
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I had a couple call me desperate for some engagement photos. They had a friend offer to do their engagement session for free but unfortunately he didn't deliver. The bride claims he lost sight of the purpose and wasn't pleased. On top of that he kept blowing them off when it came to getting them their final shots.

Needless to say, she called me and we got together. I am pretty happy with the results. They had special jerseys made with their wedding date on them (Sept. 15).

C&C if you don't mind.


_MG_0334 by Autumnlightsphotos, on Flickr


_MG_0324 by Autumnlightsphotos, on Flickr


_MG_0337 by Autumnlightsphotos, on Flickr


_MG_0295 by Autumnlightsphotos, on Flickr


_MG_0385 by Autumnlightsphotos, on Flickr


_MG_0416 by Autumnlightsphotos, on Flickr
....well I think that last shot would be a pretty nice shot if you can untilt it. That was a fun idea to have the jerseys made up. Hope they are happy with their pics this time out.
I like the tilt in the last shot to break the rules but some fill or a reflector may have gave it a pop instead of them blending into the bleachers and having darkened eyes
Nice lens flare in that first one!

Only thing that really stuck out to me is the bride's chin in #4. I think the angle she was tilting her head at and her super happy smile may have been the culprits. IDK, something about it just looks stretched out and pointy. You may be able to slightly edit that in post to make it a little more attractive/less distracting.
did you adjust the black? in #2 black looks a bit dark, you just lose her hair and any wrinkles in it.? the jerseys are a cool idea. a friend of mine got married a few montsh back and they had done bears jerseys. even wore them at the reception.
What kind of 'friend' offers to take some of the more important pictures of a persons life, then blows them off to the point where they in desperation have to seek out another photographer?

Nice pictures BTW, and props to helping out. I'm not too keen on the angle pictures, although I suppose once hung they will look nice. #5 is my favorite.

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