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Jun 19, 2010
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Understanding exposure or nikon d3000 for dummies?? Or do u recommend a different one?
I just bought understanding exposure.. and i honestly would get that.. I love it so far!!:)
I think understanding exposure will give you a better overall coverage of all the important aspects of photography, where as the other one will concentrate on specifics with that model of camera.
Understanding Exposure should be on every beginner/novice bookshelf in my opinion.
I recently bought understanding exposure. Wasn't my cup of tea because I'd pretty much understood all the fundamentals. For beginning though, it's a must read. It'll give you insight to things which you'd take a few weeks fiddling with to figure out on your own.
Another very important aspect of making photographs is composition.

I recommend 2 books. The very simple but effective book:
Picture This. How Pictures Work by Molly Bang

and a more extensive approach:

The Photographers Eye by Michael Freeman.
I got Understanding Exposure last night and have been reading it all morning! :)

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