Which camera is good at capturing images of people?


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Sep 7, 2010
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I had purchased a Sony DSC H7 a few years back, this camera was advertised as a semi-professional camera by the manufacturer. It has 8.1 megapixels and has a Carl-Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, these specifications might appear less compared with the other cameras available now, but this was among the more expensive products offered by this manufacturer back then.

However, the pictures that it takes are not good enough. The picture quality appears to have deteriorated lately, the pictures appear to have noise all over, inspite of selecting the proper mode. The pictures it captures of people and their faces are rather disappointing; my BlackBerry 8900 takes far better of the same people in the same lighting.

I plan to use the camera mostly to take pictures of people and some landscapes at times. Please suggest a camera brand or a camera model that is good at capturing images of people.
Nikon brand cameras are good at capturing people. So are Canon brand cameras.
Come on Derrel, you know better. The minimum requirement for capturing people is a Hasselblad H3D w/ 60 Mp back and 80mm 2.8 T*

Is there any particular model that is good for everyday photography and is real good with photographing people?

It would be great if it were priced around $300 to $500 also.

Nikon brand cameras are good at capturing people. So are Canon brand cameras.
What is your budget?

Are you looking for a dSLR with lenses you can change or a point and shoot style camera with a fixed lens? If its a point and shoot, just take your pic, they are all pretty much the same. Higher price typically means more functions but not always better results

If you want a dSLR, again, depends on your budget. Quality of lenses is more important than quality of the body. A good portrait prime lens might run you $600 at the low end. A good zoom lens for portraits will be in the $1000 - $2000 range.
Oh,yeah...Hassy with 60 megapixels...but SERIOUSLY, one of the best cameras for pictures of people is one that's hard to get...the FujiFilm FinePix S5 Pro.The S5 Pro has a simply incredible dynamic range compared to other digital cameras, with much more capabilities in the highlight tones, due to the dual-mode sensor system that only the S3 pro and S5 Pro models had. There is a local-area portrait and wedding studio that does some simply incredibly beautiful images using S5 Pro bodies...their pictures have a hard to describe film-like quality that is absent from much digital work.

I always felt that the old NIkon D40 did a pretty good job at people work. it is well within the OP's budget zone.
I've got a club member who does killer street shots (um, that's really, really good street shots for those whose English is not perfect) with a Leica M7 or M8. It's small enough to hide in the hand, and allows him very discrete shots (using appropriate prefocusing and f/stops). Of course, those cameras are not cheap...

Another camera which some professional club members rave about, it the Panasonic Lumix G1, and they prefer it to its successor the G2. Shoots in RAW, great optics and a really good sensor...
For $300 to $500, you are in the mid range P&S level.
Or you can look for something used, maybe a Canon XSI with a 50mm 1.8.

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