Which camera to buy for beginner....?


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Jan 2, 2008
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Pls advice.....
I'm totally new in photography but i'm very interested.
I wanted to buy a SLR camera, preferably those that can last for 2 or 3 yrs which also ok for intermediate level b4 i buy a new one....

Pls advise.....
I think both the Canon Rebel XT and the Nikon D40 are good choices for begginers not looking to spend 1000's of dollars and still get a great entry level SLR camera.

The thing you need to know is that the D40 requires AF lenses to autofocus, since it's not incorporated in the body itself...I think the Rebel does have an autofocus.

IIRC around here they are around the same prices..
Canon EOS 40D or 30D, izzit more than enough? which one is better?
I'm a begginer so get other advices before making any decision..

If my memory is correct, 40D = rebel XT
what bout lenses? if i can only afford to get one or two lenses, which should i get?
If you're new and don't already have lenses, get the Pentax K10D. Most people use Canon and Nikon because they're really common. Pentax makes a quality camera and it's more durable than the Canon or Nikon in my opinion. Read reviews on the following cameras and compare.
Pentax K10D
Canon Rebel XTi
Nikon D40x

Those are all three good cameras. I'd go with the Pentax if I were you though.
I have a Canon XTi and I love it.

Now I would suggest that you go for the Canon XT and spend your money on some lenses. I say this on the condition that you plan on buying another camera in a few years. I didn't go this option because I don't plan on buying a new camera anytime soon. But I would definitely go and compare cameras in person so you can get a feeling for the user interface. When I was in the processing of buying mine the big decider in which one I bought was the place on a button. Personally I believe Canon has a better selection of lenses and that can also come into play where you invest your money. So take a look at:

Canon's XT
Nikon's D40

But it mainly comes down to personal preference.
Thats my advice so good luck!
If my memory is correct, 40D = rebel XT

This is not true....
Canon 40d

Canon Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D)

On a different aspect. I got a Digital Rebel XT for Christmas and love it. I have been learning a lot by going out and taking pictures of whatever i can. I reccomend it highly for a beginer not looking to spend much, You can get eveyrthing you need to start shooting off amazon for < $500.
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I love my canon rebel XTi. I have 3 lenses but my favorite is a $70 lens the canon EF 55m f/1.8. and I dont have to worry about it so much. If I break it, then...well i can get another.
You can get the new Canon EOS 40D + 28-135mm lens on Amazon for $1400. That should be more than enough to get you started, and it's an excellent camera. Should last you for well over 4 years.
It depends on the type of photos you will be taking. Provide that information and I am sure you will get plenty of advice.
I started with a d40x, loved it, but when it came time to pick up a new lens I was severly disappointed at my options. In hindsight, I think I would have rather gone the canon route, but that's just me. My vote is for a rebel XT or XTi and some used high quality lenses.

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