Which file types and crops of photos should you keep on hand?


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Jan 6, 2011
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I've been working out my folder structure for organizing my photos and settled on one that works for me. $B09HSGw.jpg This works fine in the conceptual category because each set only has 1 unique photo and I can only ever see myself printing them at 8x10. But in other folders where a set has 50 photos and may need to be printed in several different sizes, this would mean I would need... the raw, the finished psd, cropped psd's (I could probably exclude this one) and cropped jpgs for each size I'll want to print, 7 or 8 versions of each photo. Which file versions would you guys consider essential to save?

I suppose it would be easiest to just have the raw, the finished psd and an uncropped jpg that I crop when I upload it to print. But I like to have my copyright signature in the bottom corner so I end back in photoshop and that's why I save cropped and stamped versions for each size. What I really need is a printer that lets me upload a photo and then auto prints my signature on it.
I keep only one file.... the original raw. I can create multiple aspect ratios within each file, but I only create them as needed.

Once I create a given aspect ratio, I save it as a JPEG, insert my watermark, and it's off to the lab with it.

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