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Dec 8, 2005
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Following on from my recent post. I went back and looked at the Hare shots again, do any of these work better? His face was always hidden to an extent which I like in theory, just not sure if he needs to be more hidden for this type of shot to work?

The first one:


The best of the rest:





Placed in a seperate thread as I was after opinions on this shot specifically :)

I kinda like 2 & 3 as there is good eye contact and 4 because he is so hidden with only his ears and an eye poking out. Or am I clutching at straws?! Not sure if I like them all or if I 'wan't to like them because I really want a good image from the encounter!
I like 2 best, but like 4 just as much because he is hidden so well :)
i'll take #2 as well. nice shots.

looks like ole brer rabbit is still makin that dollar a minute.........lol

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