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Oct 9, 2008
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I'm thinking about buying a canon rebel xti or xs, and was wondering what lens to get with it. It'll be my first dslr. The sigma 18-200mm os lens looked nice, but would a 18-55mm and a separate telephoto lens be better? I can get the sigma for about 350. Image stabilization is important to me because unfortunately I have the dreaded shaky hands lol.
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If image stabilisation is important to you then I think an In body solution such as provided by the Pentax's ( and sonys I think ) is the better choice. It's said to be less effective (2 stops vs 3-4 for in lens I believe) than in lens BUT you get the huge benefit of being able to use it with all lenses.

As for lens choice, look up reviews and at the specs. For example which is the faster lens? Kit lenses are generally slow at the best of times, is the longer zoom slower? if so then probably best having two lenses.

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